Tafo Engine

The Tafo Engine uses advanced AI techniques to recommend highly relevant articles from your own archive and helps drive up engagement.


Superpowers for editors

Index your archive, automagically

Articles from your own archive are automatically indexed and displayed by contextual meaning. This means an article about “meditation” gets recommended when reading one on “mindfulness”, “vipassana”, “zen”, etc.

Customized to reader & editor preferences

It implicitly learns your readers' preferences to better predict the kind of content that is going to engage, challenge and inform them. Editors can choose to bias the content towards specific topics of interest to your audience.

Increase your engagement & loyalty

Readers spend more time engaging with your quality content, increasing loyalty and brand perception and providing high quality journalistic content.

How it works

Powerful algorithms at your service

Crawling & Vectorization

The Tafo Engine periodically scans your publication for new articles and automatically vectorizes it along hundreds of dimensions that are implicitly discovered and maintained for your archive.

Indexing and Real-time Recommendations

The entire vectorized index of your archive is loaded and updated in memory to serve real-time recommendations using different signals from the context - article being viewed, readers' history, editorial biases etc.

Automatic Feedback Loop

The engine tracks how the recommendations perform, automatically improving itself over time, and tailoring itself to your specific content and readers.

Need a Quote

We are in private beta. Interested in learning how tafo give superpowers to editors? Get in touch!

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